13 July 2011

shiver me timbers it's been a while...

Well well well.... H E L L O!

Can't believe it's been more than 6 months since I last posted... A lot has happened to say the least, leading me to become lazy and rubbish at blogging, sorry...

I won't bore you with the ins and outs of my life story, instead I invite you to visit the


Cor blimey it looks to be a winner, with price reductions left right and center. For those of you who don't know, GET TO KNOW: www.lazyoaf.com

I can't wait to check it out and grab some goodies. Perfect for the festival season, in particular for me: Secret Garden Party!

See you there friends!


26 November 2010

Baby it's cold outside....

This is the newest installment at Original Penguin, Covent Garden. The brief given to Elemental Design was to add some Christmassy elements to the existing window scheme, which we had installed a couple of months ago.
I designed some happy Penguin vinyl, and a large glittery Penguin to share the plinth with the mannequins. We added some red foil globes, some presents and a Christmas tree inside the shop. I did the vinyl all by myself! Quite a challenge but I proved to myself that I can do it.
The speech bubbles now feature some Christmassy phrases... And it really is SO COLD OUTSIDE!

18 November 2010

Lucy's First Christmas (windows)

A few months ago, Elemental Design got a brief to design and build the Christmas windows fir Ely's and Morleys (department stores in Wimbledon and Brixton).
At the time I was like "whaaat? it's August!"
But then we all got really into it and I felt like my initial ideas designs were prominent from the beginning of the project right through to the end. I popped by Ely's to take some pictures and was so happy to see my work in the flesh!
Here are some of the initial designs that we (Elemental Design) did, followed by my photos of Ely's in Wimbledon.

"Gifts that the whole family will enjoy!"

29 October 2010


Monday was a fun day this week! Me and Sarah got to go and work in the basement of Liberty, to decorate and bedazzle this frog for Liberty's Christmas windows. He was made by Elemental Design for Liberty's Swampy scheme... The other windows have all kinds of creatures, including giant spiders, jellyfish, flying fish, a mouse flying through the sky on a bicycle.... eee!
A MUST SEE in London this Christmas!

28 October 2010


A small boutique in Kensington, that sells high fashion and also offers styling appointments with the Italian sisters who own the shop.
Elemental Design installed 2 windows, based on a new product that the shop was about to stock - Juliet's Got a Gun - a new perfume.
We came up with this scheme, where the mannequins are surrounded by stereotypically masculine guns, given a sparkly finish (by myself in the workshop - that was a fun day!), and also more feminine feathers... The mannequins themselves have oversized black roses as heads.
The shop has also unfortunately had a series of break-ins, so we hoped that this scheme might deter any future deviants!

some snapshots from my life...

(Above photos by Mike Reed)

It's been ages!
Back at the beginning of September Elemental Design installed these magnificent pods into the atrium at Liberty. They were inspired by Manolo Blahnik's new collection, and his pop up shop in Liberty.
We spent weeks making flowers using individually cut petals from luxurious fabrics... These were carefully wired into huge pods (2m diameter!) and we spent the night at Liberty installing them.
At 7am we lay down on the floor in the scarf room, and watched as the pods were hoisted up towards the ceiling by some funny blokes on cables. Very surreal.
But beautiful non? go and see for yourself...

16 August 2010

Original Penguin, London

Another project that I worked recently on at Elemental Design - a 1950s cocktail party in the Original Penguin windows in Covent Gardens!
I went along to the install which was fun, and designed the wallpaper and some of the elements in the window. I also found the pineapple lurking downstairs in the Elemental workshop, yay!
It's in for the next few weeks so if you're in the area, head down there and check it out...