24 February 2010

how cool is this?!

HOPE chandelier - Francisco Gomez Paz + Paolo Rizzatto

Panda Eyes - Jason Bruges Studio

Soma - Ayala Serfaty

Typographic Trees - Gordon Young + Why Not Associates

L-E-D-LED-L-ED - Dilight

YCN Library - Jiggery Pokery

Yesterday I visited the Design Museum, London, and saw the Brit Insurance Designs of the Year exhibition. These are a few of my favourites: The prism chandelier, (iwantoneofthosenowplease) the rotating pandas for WWF, a delicate light installation, a carved tree trunk (wow), an interactive LED installation (Jason and I had a bit of fun) and the rainbow of books!

The exhibition runs until the 6th June. Worth a visit!

23 February 2010

co-operative monochrome

Sunday morning saw me peel myself out of bed after a busy night's work, dress and scamper off to town for another presentation, this time of cooperativedesigns' A/W10 collection Stacken Blochen. It was held at Proud Central, from 11am-1pm. I was greeted with a glass of Prosseco, (I added some OJ, a bit early for fizz even for me!) and was offered some tiny Paul treats, yum!
The place was a monochromatic feast for the eyes. A man named David White designed and installed all the wallpaper, which made for an excellent backdrop for the models. It was almost hypnotic. Downstairs was like a catwalk in slow motion, we all took some snaps and chatted about the portraits upstairs, which were created by friends of the designers, such as Fred Butler, Rosy Nicholas and Louise Gray.
The collection was great, I am always a fan of stripes and geometric patterns. There were also some fantastic head pieces/hats, made by miliner Noel Stewart. I heard one man say that one of the hats was fit for Lady Gaga, I am not sure if Noel would take that as a compliment or insult, but nevertheless his hats proved very popular.
I also got to take home a lovely goodie bag (perks of knowing the event coordinator - Holly!) which included some limited edition mittens. Yay! In the bag was also a zine, which featured the portraits from the presentation. Splendid!

22 February 2010

Cake Glorious Cake

February has been a busy month so far, with several opportunities and excuses to whip up a batch of biscuits or cupcakes. Holly and I are launching our cake/party business in March, alongside our blog (fingswotarenice), so we have been visiting cake decoration shops and frantically exchanging emails containing recipes, research and ridiculous rambles about our hopes and dreams. ^ Pictured ^ are some red velvet valentines, sparkle hearts, and vanilla watermelons.

Some happy consumers

These are the gold cupcakes that we made for Craig Lawrence's presentation at London Fashion Week last Friday. They were vanilla sponge with chocolate buttercream icing and edible gold glitter. They proved to be quite popular! I even managed to feed some to the carpet by dropping some on the floor in front of some guests (embarrassing!!). The gold theme was inspired by Craig's AW10 collection, which is golden and fabulous! We also made some hangers for Craig's stand in the New Gen exhibition space, however in all the cake and icing madness I forgot to photograph them before they left Thames Ditton. So Holly is on the case and I shall hopefully be uploading a picture soon.

(gold cupcake photos by Jason Clark)

17 February 2010

Shirley Magazine

Shirley Magazine is online! The editor in chief, Naomi Attwood, asked me to contribute some illustrations for an article about fashion.


The moment you have all been waiting for... Well I certainly have! LUCYAEBISCHER.COM is now LIVE and ready for visits.
A huge massive THANK-YOU to Andy Baker who brought it all to life. His stuff is pretty freakin sweet too, so be sure to check him out. Andy is surely bound for greatness, and is one to watch in 2010, if you haven't already come across his work.
I shall be collaborating with Andy on a project in the next few weeks so stay tuned for some more delightful treats for the eyes.

15 February 2010

Fings wot I have been working on...

Art Deco inspired font, with a subtle hint of rainbow....!
Fifi and Lola are about to re-launch. Watch this space!