09 June 2009

Degree Show favourites...HOLLY GISELLE HILDEN

Not only a favourite designer of mine, but also my partner in crime! Holly Giselle Hilden - fashion knitwear designer and stylist. These garments were all hand knitted by Holly, and styled an photographed in a shoot which can be seen on her blog. She will no doubt go on to big and wonderful things.


07 June 2009

Degree Show favourites...REBECCA JOHNSTON

Artist: Rebecca Johnston.

Degree Show favourites...ASAKO ISHIKAWA

Holly and I squealed with excitement when we turned the corner and saw Asako's work: paper things and plastic things and drawings and jewellery and all sorts! Fings wot are colourful and fun!


Degree Show favourites...TRACEY TUBB

Surface designer for interiors: TRACEY TUBB. I was blown away by these huge paper strips, folded by hand...WOW! 


Degree Show favourites...CHLOE NEALE

I have selected some of my favourite artists/designers from our degree show. This is artist CHLOE NEALE, who I have admired since year 1. Chloe's pieces are always colourful and very exciting!