14 December 2009

She's a Lady!

The artists, minus Katie.

The work was themed around "femininity" and what we perceive to be feminine. I went on the fact that women nest, make their homes nice places to live in. Since moving back home, I have this urge to nest, to make a house my own. I made it using chicken wire and some fibres that I bought from a shop in North London. I also added a touch of sparkle and beading, to suggest it being like a magpie nest, as I love sparkly and shiny things! The lights and sparkle glasses add to the sparkling effect.
Matthew Hayes, sporting the sparkle glasses.

The nest viewed through the sparkle glasses.

The shop.

Gabi's safari cupcakes!

Holly's 'OOh la la' cupcakes.

Emma Morris' drawings based on a childhood argument with her brothers over the remote control. Very funny!

Esther McManus' drawings

Holly Hilden's cardigan 'Ooh la la' with beaded nipple detail and tassels! 

Gabrielle Manivit's tapestry of mother with cubs.

Katie Boccaccini Meadows' installations with coloured clay dust.

Calico Melton's drawings, based on conversations Calico had heard.

'Dewigged', a series of illustrations by Alice Nyong about transvestites and their vices.

Shady Gaga and Amy (can't get enough) Winehouse

Laurie Lax's drawing. Laurie also had a video piece which I found hard to photograph as it was on screen. The video was shot from an old manor house on an estate in Ireland. It was set up like a traditional painting, with a foreground, middle ground and background.

02 December 2009

While the boys are away......

Next week I am taking part in an exhibition in Bath, featuring 9 female artists/designers. It is being curated by the ever-amazing Alice Nyong, who has arranged the whole affair, including a stall with some goodies for sale. I have been busy making my piece, to be revealed after the opening, but let's just say it involves some chicken wire, some banana fibres and horse hair, some sticks and a touch of sparkle (a la Aebischer!). The private view is next Tuesday evening, 6-9pm, so if you're in the hood or around and about, come say Hi. 

Keeping Busy...

Keeping busy: I have been making more Nutzillas, ready for some craft fairs and such like coming up soon. These beauties are slightly smaller than the original nutter. They need homes, so I hope the micro pig madness means people want to adopt some little animals this Christmas! These Nutzillarettes are £5 each.

Supermarket Soiree

Well here we are, in supermarket gear, at the door of the Biscuit building. The party went down a storm, although we only caught the very beginning and final few minutes, as Holly and I were meeting and greeting downstairs. I foolishly didn't take any photos upstairs, I was overwhelmed by moustache mugs and vintage glasses and forgot all about my camera. However mademoiselle Butler took some grand snaps. I may have done some shopping but I cannot reveal my purchase(s) as it is a Christmas present. Well done Sarah, twas a jolly time!

30 November 2009

Super Duper Supermarket!

Work it!

Tomorrow night (Dec 1st) is going to be the best jingley jolly party of the season! SupermarketSarah is hosting a shopping extravaganza at Poke, in the Biscuit building on Redchurch St, featuring vintage treats from the Work It! ladies amongst other designers, and golden shopping baskets to put it all in! There is also a promise of cake (HUZZAH!) and jingle bell tunes to get us all in the mood. I shall be greeting all the lovely shoppers at the door, and we supermarket gals are going to be wearing supermarket dresses made by Joanna. More photos to come..... 

26 October 2009

WOLFGANG - music video with Sarah Magnay


Wolf Gang | MySpace Video

A few weeks ago I assisted costume designer Sarah Magnay on a music video for artist Wolfgang.
The song is called "The king and all his men". The video was shot at Shepperton Studios, and was directed by Daniel Brereton. 
I helped Sarah source props, make bits of costumes and dress the actors on the day of the shoot. As you can see, the theme was monochrome. We dressed all the actors, except Wolfgang, whose sister is his stylist. He had an awesome stripey suit jacket on, made stripey using very simple techniques. 

09 October 2009

Another Bloomin' Monday!

Except it's Friday... but I found a photo of the letters that I helped Jiggery Pokery to make. 

08 October 2009

A sneaky peak

These are (hopefully) intriguing tasters, giving you a sneaky peak into a music video that I assisted costume designer Sarah Magnay with last week. I'm not allowed to give anything away until the video is ready so this is it for now, but I can say it was a busy few days that lead to some exciting and monochromatic delights. Stay tuned........

01 October 2009


* Fred Butler brooch *

Fred Butler invited me once again to assist her during London Fashion Week in September, at Somerset House. Fred's stand looked fantastic, the location and general feel of the New Gen area was exciting and inviting for people to visit. Fred's collection for Spring/Summer 2010 is beautifully handcrafted, as always, and features a wide spectrum of colour and texture. I was lucky enough to be able to wear one of Fred's brooches, which can be worn on the body or in the hair or anywhere! 
More highlights from Fashion Week include going to David David's presentation and party in Soho, where a guerilla fashion show took place featuring designs by Nova Dando. The dancers suddenly appeared on the roof terrace, and jumped around to some loud tunes, all sporting garments by Nova (one is pictured with Holly Giselle). Amazing! 
And finally, I was very lucky and was able to go to Peter Jensen's presentation where models wearing Jensen's designs walked through the room like dolls, and posed so effortlessly for photographs. My favourite Jensen design had to be the watermelon bag! YUM.

03 September 2009

Cool 4 Cats!

This week I have been assisting a Mr Jamie Brown and Jiggery Pokery paint the outside of the Old Blue Last pub on Curtain road. Becks have commissioned art inspired by music, and this piece was inspired by Love Cats, by the Cure. We painted 4 cats: a tiger, a panther, a snow leopard and a cheetah. Miaow!
(please excuse my poor photography, it was very windy)

Secret sparkles.....

Some snaps from a film shoot with Fred Butler. The glitter and the sunlight are real, the rainbows are (once again) the sparkle glasses working their wonderful magic in front of my phone's camera lense!

12 August 2009

Loads of Bloomin' fun!

Last Saturday I had fun helping Jiggery Pokery make fings wot are floral for a new window display to appear at the YCN's '72 Rivington Street' library. This is me, in Anna's garden, surrounded by fake flowers. I'm not sure I am allowed to show any more photos at this stage... But it's gonna be beautiful!