27 February 2009

Spiral font

A typeface I designed in response to the film 'Run Lola Run', using my trusty spirograph.

Anderson M - workshop 18.02.09

Anderson M came to Bath and directed a workshop with about 20 of us third years. It was really useful! We chose a headline from a newspaper and had to create a poster using the text and any found imagery. I had some fun with a scanner and Photoshop, and used my black foam letters. 

If only....

A lecture poster - if we could invite anyone. This is the first in what I hope to be a series.... Paper shapes and hand-made stencil type.


Some screenprints of a pattern originally designed by artist Sonia Delaunay. I intend to make a 2D dress using this pattern and photograph someone wearing it for an imaginary lecture poster. Thanks to Joe (1995) for helping me loads with the printing! 


The poster for FUNKY FREEDOM: a fundraiser that I have organised to raise money for our London exhibition in April. Fresh!

16 February 2009

get well soon dave!

Dave on our course was involved in a ruckus last weekend in Bath and was unfortunately hospitalised. So I rounded up the troops and had 15 people make a letter each to be used in our performance for a card. This was the result: A lovely card for Dave! He is much better now.