27 November 2008

Bath Fringe Festival poster design

These are some of my designs for the Fringe Festival poster. I was inspired by some of the theatre I saw during last year's festival. I saw some street performances which were unusual and very funny, so I wanted to incorporate the spirit and slight strangeness of it all with my photos. I made the paper skirt and the mask was sewn in felt. The strange colour effect comes from shooting the photos through my sparkle glasses, which are a bit like 3D glasses only much better!

20 November 2008

A journey - San Francisco and Las Vegas

In February 2008 I went on a trip to San Francisco and Las Vegas. These are some drawings I did, using the American flag as my colour range. I wanted the drawings to be simple and sketch-like, to connote the impression of taking notes whilst travelling around the cities.

15 November 2008

CD - Seal

I went to San Francisco last February and after visiting the beautiful bay area, I developed a fondness for the seals. Inspired by them and their beautiful surroundings, I designed a twelve-page CD booklet. These are my favourite pages.

Animals of the Gyre - Graphic Novel

These are photographs of pages taken from the graphic novel I created during my second year. It was called Animals of the Gyre. It was inspired by an article I read in Vice magazine about an island of rubbish floating in the Pacific Ocean, somewhere between Japan and Hawaii. I created images based on what creatures I imagined would be living on this island: the Gyre. 
To view the photos in more detail, click on them. They look better close up.