15 January 2009


My latest work - I have been designing artwork for trip hop duo Newbridge's album. The idea was to create a scene that encapsulates a feeling of 1920's style, mixed with modern aspects. I made the radio using cardboard, it's about 5ft tall! I then photographed it in a studio, using lovely purple gels over the flash, and my secret weapon, the sparkle glasses, over the camera lens. The type was all letter-pressed by hand. 

www.myspace.com/newbridge1 ~ www.newbridgemusic.com

11 January 2009

Fred Butler!

Over the Christmas break I had the pleasure to spend some time in Fred Butler's studio, in Angel, helping her with some ongoing projects, including pieces for her new collection, to be featured in London Fashion Week 2009. Fred is an accessories and prop designer, making colourful and unusual pieces used in photoshoots and worn by musicians like Patrick Wolf. I made lots of things, including pompoms inspired by licorice all sorts (as seen above). My time with Fred allowed me to peek into life as a designer in London, not to mention to meet some successful and creative people, like Judy Blame, to visit scary places like Dalston market (!) and fun spots like the Double Bar. I also had the pleasure of being with Fred during her radio debut, where she spoke to Steve Lamacq on BBC 6 for his 'good day bad day' feature! Fred is very inspiring, and it was lovely to meet her and to see how she works on a day to day basis.


06 January 2009

T-shirt for Double Cee

This is a T-shirt I designed as a Christmas present for Double Cee. It's a three-colour screen print. the initial pattern design was a for a sheet of tokens for a swap shop that I helped stage at uni, called "le Grotto de Change".