24 February 2010

how cool is this?!

HOPE chandelier - Francisco Gomez Paz + Paolo Rizzatto

Panda Eyes - Jason Bruges Studio

Soma - Ayala Serfaty

Typographic Trees - Gordon Young + Why Not Associates

L-E-D-LED-L-ED - Dilight

YCN Library - Jiggery Pokery

Yesterday I visited the Design Museum, London, and saw the Brit Insurance Designs of the Year exhibition. These are a few of my favourites: The prism chandelier, (iwantoneofthosenowplease) the rotating pandas for WWF, a delicate light installation, a carved tree trunk (wow), an interactive LED installation (Jason and I had a bit of fun) and the rainbow of books!

The exhibition runs until the 6th June. Worth a visit!


dana said...

I LOVE the light sculpture of Ayala Serfaty! so delicate. Seems to be floating in thin air. How is it installed exactly? I mean, does it have a stand or is it simply put on the floor?

Conversation Pieces said...

Love the pandas and the books!

Lucy said...

the light sculpture is on the floor.