04 January 2010

Shoreditch WI Xmas Fete - 2009


Fifi's gingerbread wrapping paper

Nutzilla's and Bermuda 80s ipod cases/purses

Delicious blue and chocolate cupcakes

Better late than never I suppose! I have been fully immersed in Christmas cheer and folly and food, thus creating a back-log in some blogging. I meant to put these up on Christmas eve, but instead I played the secret santa+fizz+inappropriate behaviour game.
Holly and I (or should I say Lola and I) took part in the Shoreditch sisters' WI Xmas Fete on 13th December, which included our little stall pictured above, and lots of mulled wine, some carol singers and then a guy with a double bass playing christmassy choones, and also some classic ones from the Fifi and Lola repertoire. There were animals a plenty, in particular a small fluffy dog (called Fluffy??) and some familiar faces kindly came to show us some support by eating our cakes and buying our stocking fillers and vintage goodies. 

FIFI AND LOLA'S FINGS WOT ARE NICE - coming to a craft/vintage fair near you in 2010!

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