14 December 2009

She's a Lady!

The artists, minus Katie.

The work was themed around "femininity" and what we perceive to be feminine. I went on the fact that women nest, make their homes nice places to live in. Since moving back home, I have this urge to nest, to make a house my own. I made it using chicken wire and some fibres that I bought from a shop in North London. I also added a touch of sparkle and beading, to suggest it being like a magpie nest, as I love sparkly and shiny things! The lights and sparkle glasses add to the sparkling effect.
Matthew Hayes, sporting the sparkle glasses.

The nest viewed through the sparkle glasses.

The shop.

Gabi's safari cupcakes!

Holly's 'OOh la la' cupcakes.

Emma Morris' drawings based on a childhood argument with her brothers over the remote control. Very funny!

Esther McManus' drawings

Holly Hilden's cardigan 'Ooh la la' with beaded nipple detail and tassels! 

Gabrielle Manivit's tapestry of mother with cubs.

Katie Boccaccini Meadows' installations with coloured clay dust.

Calico Melton's drawings, based on conversations Calico had heard.

'Dewigged', a series of illustrations by Alice Nyong about transvestites and their vices.

Shady Gaga and Amy (can't get enough) Winehouse

Laurie Lax's drawing. Laurie also had a video piece which I found hard to photograph as it was on screen. The video was shot from an old manor house on an estate in Ireland. It was set up like a traditional painting, with a foreground, middle ground and background.

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