28 April 2009

A well deserved break...

After months of pulling my hair out and biting my nails my parents thought it was necessary that I take a break for a few days. I couldn't have agreed more, and happily obliged. We went to Le Touquet, a lovely little town on the Northern coast of France. Here I went for windy beach walks, ate some delicious food, and napped like a baby! I also spotted some fantastic easter treats in the windows of local patisseries, like fruits with smiley faces! 

24 April 2009

Progress - the result

These are the pieces I exhibited at Progress. They are abstract illustrations in response to newspaper headlines about people affected by the recession. I (painfully) made loads of 3D shapes out of paper and arranged them in a way which illustrated the rise and fall of one man in Essex who lost his job as a paper doilies factory manager, having to give up his £60K household income and survive on £60.50 a week. The other was a representation of the glamourous life of Vegas showgirls working at the Tropicana casino who lost their jobs when the casino was forced to turn off all its' lights forever.

01 April 2009

P R O G R E S S this weekend!

This weekend marks my first real exhibition! Taking place in Dray Walk gallery, Brick Lane, London, it consists of work by 45 students on my course (graphic design/illustration/interactive design). The organising and curating has been mental but it's looking good at the moment and fingers crossed will be a success... These are the invites, screenprinted by hand. Hope to see you there!

POETRY TAXI - Bath Lit festival 09

For the past few months I have been a member of a team working on some designs for Bath Literature Festival '09 - POETRY TAXI - and also part of the construction team! After weeks of designing, deliberation and discussion, we went for a "pencil fence" to surround the vehicle and some life-size poets to provide information. The designs were printed onto vinyl and then rolled out onto plywood and MDF, and cut out. It was really hard work but it payed off when we saw the scene in the heart of Bath's city centre, two weekends in a row.