13 July 2010

Chopard 150th Anniversary!

The swallow in a cherry blossom tree

The kitten in a field of dandelions!

The koala in a eucalyptus tree

Andy Macgregor's beautiful hand-crafted animals!

Yikes! It's been two months since my last post. This is mainly due to the fact that I have been employed (HOORAY!) therefore am mega busy and slacking on the blogging front. Soon I will learn to juggle everything... I am now officially working for Elemental Design in Brixton, as junior assistant designer. Yessss!

Anyways - this here is an amazing install at Selfridges, for Chopard jewellery, which I worked on with Elemental. Elemental were commissioned by Chopard to create showcases for the Selfridges Wonder Rooms. To celebrate their 150th Anniversary, Chopard have released 15 watches, each based on an animal, with diamonds and sparklies and gold and mother of pearl and loads of other shimmery shiny stuff...Bling! Apparently the watches took up to 700 hours to make, by some amazing steady handed watch-makers (?!!) in Switzerland.

Elemental asked Andy Macgregor to help out and make the animals for the windows, and he did a super job! We all cooed and ooed and aahed over the animals when they arrived, my favourite was the Koala with the baby on her back.

In the studio we made the flowers and assembled all the lazer cut trees and leaves. If you should ever need some cherry blossom or dandelions made in paper, I'm your girl. I'm still having dreams about those origami blossom flowers....

After a 7 hour intense overnight install, the showcases were done and we all stood back in wonder (harharhar)... These are some snaps I managed to take during the install, but hopefully I can get hold of some better ones for you to feast your eyes on soon.


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