23 March 2010


We Make T-Shirts (see more here)

mental models on a shoot with Michael Otero

Dan Wilton shoots models wearing Charlie le Mindu hairpieces

Red Velvet cake, and no its not from Hummingbird bakery, WE BAKED IT!

Street style shoot with Grant Thomas and stylist Debbie Lerner, who we hope to meet again soon

A hectic five days was spent waking at the crack o' dawn to bake up some goodies, then transporting them rather precariously on public transport to Carnaby St. Tea & Cake with Fifi and Lola went well, lots of good feedback ("the most delicious brownies I have ever had" - Richard Danks) and lots of people asked us if we have a shop. So if anyone wants to fund/sponsor us to open one, I reckon we would have quite the successful tea time stop shop.
The event was a lot of fun and exciting to be a part of. I drank my body weight in Tiger beer and then Alibi the following mornings. Met some great people, watched Mike print loads of t-shirts and witnessed Andy cruising around on a guitar on wheels. splendid!

I await the printed version with anticipation and maybe even some fear, as Holly and I performed a glittery kitchen scene on Sunday afternoon for the magazine, to go alongside one of our recipes. I am still sparkling.

* Hooray to Chelsea and all her hard work, and to the team that helped her make it happen. *

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We Make T-Shirts said...

Looking at your blog at lunch time is dangerous I am now craving mega rare cupcakes (delivery service?)