31 July 2009

Fings wot are fun!

Car painted by Kate Moross

UV car
After a few weeks of summer fun and Croatian madness I have returned to the creative buzz in London. This week I was helping JIGGERY POKERY on a project with Dazed & Confused magazine and Vauxhall cars. The event, 'Vauxhall Skate', took place on Wednesday night at Shoreditch venue Village Underground. The Jiggery Pokery girls, Anna and Lauren, were art directing the event, and came up with a fantastical concept of all-seeing eyes meets prisms and rainbows. Amongst many tasks I drew on a car using a poster pen, creating a line that glowed under UV lights. There was a big multi-coloured teepee by the entrance and a mirrorball car and a roller rink and hotdogs and mojitos (a plenty!) and popcorn and much much more! Jiggery Pokery did an outstanding job and I hope to help them again in future.

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